Don’t make a promise if you know you won’t be able to keep it . You will just end up disappointing people. I get it , its too much effort to do the small things in life . I hate it when a promise is broken , that’s like breaking my trust . I prefer […]

21st Century

My Mother says I have it better than she did but is that 100% true ? I think no ! Firstly she didn’t have internet nor tv so she didn’t have to deal with peer pressure the way I do. Everywhere I look its all about the beauty and the summer body and of cause […]

Next Chapter

Most of the people I knew on high school have all change , appearance wise & then you get me. I haven’t changed a bit . I still don’t wear make-up , don’t wear awesome clothes so basically I’m still the “plain Jane” I was in high school. I have grown up a little though […]

Teenage Angst, Depression, or Red Flags?

How can you tell the difference between teenage angst and true warning signs (red flags) that something more serious might be going on inside their heads? Depression is a complicated thing and often easy to miss. It’s not always the stereotypical moping and weeping, doom and gloom, “my life has no meaning and is over…