Don’t make a promise if you know you won’t be able to keep it . You will just end up disappointing people. I get it , its too much effort to do the small things in life . I hate it when a promise is broken , that’s like breaking my trust . I prefer […]

21st Century

My Mother says I have it better than she did but is that 100% true ? I think no ! Firstly she didn’t have internet nor tv so she didn’t have to deal with peer pressure the way I do. Everywhere I look its all about the beauty and the summer body and of cause […]

Next Chapter

Most of the people I knew on high school have all change , appearance wise & then you get me. I haven’t changed a bit . I still don’t wear make-up , don’t wear awesome clothes so basically I’m still the “plain Jane” I was in high school. I have grown up a little though […]